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July 17, 2024

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UGC to concede unfamiliar degree identicalness; limits on the web, distance mode degrees

As unfamiliar colleges arrive at the high level phases of setting up grounds in India’s GIFT city and Indian colleges teaming up with colleges abroad to offer double or joint degrees, the College Awards Commission (UGC) has set out rules for equality and acknowledgment of degrees acquired from unfamiliar foundations. The advanced education controller in its draft rules Acknowledgment and Award of Proportionality to Capabilities acquired from Unfamiliar Instructive Organizations) Guidelines, 2023, takes care of globally significant educational plans, scholastic and exploration cooperation with unfamiliar colleges and credit acknowledgment under twinning courses of action.
To work with the versatility of understudies in a consistent way, the UGC will keep a devoted web-based gateway to get applications to concede comparability to capabilities got from unfamiliar instructive establishments. This proportionality declaration will guarantee the “equality of a capability” between an unfamiliar capability and the capability granted by an Indian Board or college at a similar level. According to the UGC guidelines, the proportionality declaration will likewise be acknowledged by the colleges in India for the reasons for affirmation or work. As of now, the assessment division of the All India Colleges (AIU)- a pinnacle between college association gives an ‘identicalness declaration’ to understudies with unfamiliar capabilities to work with their confirmation in Indian Colleges. With the rules happening, UGC will likewise take on the obligation of allowing identicalness to unfamiliar degrees. The commission has looked for ideas from partners on the draft UGC rules till September 16, 2023. ” Following India’s recharged push on scholarly joint effort with far off nations and with regards to the Public Training Strategy (NEP), 2020, UGC’s job in the internationalization of the Indian schooling system has expanded complex,” the UGC said in a proclamation.

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